Street Harassment

It’s been a long time since I have done anything new. I wanted to take some time to talk about street harassment.  I thought it might better do a vlog instead of a blog post. I’m on Yahoo! Answers quite a bit and I have noticed a lot more  young women that want breast reductions and the main reason seems to be street harassment. This vlog deals mainly with harassment that I have faced in the past and how I feel about street harassment.  This is my first time ever making a youtube video. So please go easy on me.


Onion Jam.

4 onions sliced or diced
2 tbsp of Butter
2 tbsp of olive oil
2 cups of wine.
Salt and pepper to taste
Heat your pan on medium high heat. Add the butter and olive oil when the pan is hot enough. Allow the butter to melt a bit and mix it into the oil. Put your onion in the pan. Make sure the pan is not crowed otherwise the onion will not caramelize. You might have to saute the onions in batches depending on the size of your pans. Or you could use do two or three pans at once and then once the onions cook down add them to one pan. This would be much faster if you have smaller pans. After you add the onions you can add your salt and pepper. Stir the onions occasionally until they caramelize.

Once the onions caramelized take the pan off the heat and turn the burner down to low heat. Add a small amount of wine just a enough to cover the onions in the pan. If you do this in two or more small pans then do this step for each pan. After you pour the wine into the pan and scrape the pan with a wooden spoon or tongs. You want to get the little crunchy bits off the bottom of the pan. Pour the onion wine mixture into a sauce pan. And put on low heat and add the rest of the wine to the mixture. Simmer until the wine cooks down and dissipate. Mix occasionally.

Depending on what you have planned using the onion jam in, you might can slice, dice or mince the onion. If you are going to use the Onion jam for a sandwich or salad slicing might be best. To add flavor to a sauces or soup base diced or minced might be best.

You can use any type of wine you want to use. It’s really up to you. Personally I like box wine. Depending on what you will be adding your Onion Jam to you can choose white or red wine.

Oh My Back!!!

Well everyone knows that large breasted women have back problems. Well that is that most people think anyway. Before you blame your breasts you might want to look first at some common things that cause back pain.

1. Are you active enough? Do you do some kind of exercise for 30 min 3 to 4 days a week?

2. Are you working out properly. I learned the hard way that doing yoga at home from a dvd is really bad idea. My back went out because of that. Working out at home can be fun and less stressful than going to the gym but the trade off, you can over do it or do an exercise  that aren’t really good for you do in the first place. If you’re interested in working out try to join a gym that offers a trainer to show you how to use the equipment and can help you pick exercises that will be good for your level of fitness.

3. Are you carrying extra weight in your purse or backpack. The easiest way to answer this question is ask someone to hold your purse or backpack. If they say “whoa” you know it’s too heavy.

4. You might need a new mattress. The easiest way to answer this question is to go to a mattress store and lay down on a bed. If you can feel all your stress melt away it might be time for a new mattress. A good rule of thumb is if the warranty for a bed is 10 years you are going to have to replace it in 10 years. The warranty for a Tempur-pedic is 20 years.

5. Are you conscious of your posture. Trying to keep a good posture when you sit down or stand up is a workout in itself. The more you do it the less you have to think about it.

6. Your feet. Your posture starts from the floor up. If your feet are misaligned, and  that misalignment can travel up your legs to your hip and lower back.

7. Are you absolutely sure you’re wearing the right bra size and style for you. 


Wish that bra was in my size: Aubade

Aubade is one of my favorite bands that I can’t wear. The bras are so pretty and delicate looking. I acutely owned a bra In 36F(36E). It didn’t fit but I didn’t care my boobs looked pretty good considering and the embroidery was divine. The set was expensive about 100 for the bra and 75 for the panties. Even though they were expensive they were completely worth it. The fabric is made from a soft cotton blend. Aubade’s lingerie is a work of art as you can see.


Aubade Lingerie De Femme


How to Get a Super Cripsy Pie Crust.

Make sure your butter and/or vegetable shorting is very cold. Because I like to bake I keep a pack of unsalted butter in the freezer.

Take your favorite pie dough recipe, and remove 1/4 cup of flour. So if your recipe calls for 2 cups of All purpose flour only add 1 3/4 cup. Then add 1/4 cup of quick flour.

Make sure that all your dry ingredients are sifted.

Cut your butter into manageable chunks, Then follow the rest of your recipe.

Once the dough has come together put it on a floured table top. Then on the edge of the dough that is farthest from you, place the heel of your palm on the dough and push down and away from you. Do this in small amounts until all the dough as been pushed away from you. Then quickly gather all the dough and push the dough away again. Form a ball with the dough. Warp the ball with plastic wrap and place it in the freezer for about 30 min.

Flour your workspace again. Take the dough and roll it in a rectangle shape. Do this even if the pie pan you’re using is round. One rolled out fold the dough in half and then half again. Then roll out the dough again and fold it again. Do this until the dough looks smooth about 4 or 5 times. Cut the dough into 2 pieces and put the dough back into the freezer for another 20 min. if you want you can make your pie dough at night and then take it out to use the next day that is ok too. If the dough is wrapped well in plastic you can leave it in the freezer for at least a month.

At this point you can preheat your oven and make your filling.

Roll out pie dough and place it in the pan. Put your filling in the pan then roll out the top layer, and place on top.

Don’t forget to cut slits in the top.

Also brush it the pie crust with a bit of egg wash and bake as directed.

Smaller Busted Ladies Can Benefit from a Good Fitting Bra as Well.

There are all types of women in the world some fat, some skinny-mini, some tall, some short some small busted and some large. Everyone is different and that is what is so great about the world. One thing I love is answering breast, bra, sexual health and puberty questions on Yahoo Answers. One question I see often is how can I get my breast to grow? I often see women and girls say that they are too small for a bra and some of them thinking of themselves as less womanly.

All women are different and no woman can choose her breast size, naturally. But I have found that from answering so many questions and looking at so many sets of measurements that  all of these young women were wearing band sizes that were too large. In one instance there was a girl who thought she was a 36AA, but after putting up her measurements I could see she was really a 30D. 30D may not be a large size, it’s a bra size and there are several brands that make this currently uncommon size.

I have heard some small busted women say they don’t need the support of wearing a bra that fits well. But wearing a bra that is too small in the cup and too large in the back will give a woman with small breast back fat and armpit fat. It guess that it would be better to not wear a bra than an ill-fitting bra. But when working out and shopping, smaller breasted women should wear a sports bra that gives support. Even smaller busted ladies will have saggy breasts, from their ligaments wearing out due to pregnancy and high intensity exercise.

I hope that no matter the size that you might think you are, you will measure yourself for a bra and give that size a try.

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Seeing Ill Fitting bras Everywhere

A few weeks ago, I was watching my favorite show Mad Men. I was really enjoying the show until I saw, Megan played by Jessica Pare wearing an ill fitting Bikini top. The back was nearly up to her shoulders. All I could think was how did this get past the costume designer. How could Pare not have known that her bikini top didn’t fit. Generally Mad Men tries to keep it’s actors looking good and authenic.

Most of the time when I see a woman wearing the wrong bra size, it’s in real life. I often think, that girl is too pretty to be wearing a bra that doesn’t fit. And in some cases how painful her boobs must be. I don’t know how to approach people to ask for the time, let alone tell another woman, that her bra doesn’t fit well. 

For example, I saw a very pretty get that kind of looked like me when I was her age. She was with a group of her good friends, and they all seem quite happy to out of school and on their way home. She was wearing a top that was a bit too tight and a bra that barely contained her. I wonder if her mother knew she left the house looking as she did. She seems like she was wearing 2 tank tops to get a bit of a layered effect. Her poor boobs looked completely mangled in that bra. I really wanted to say, “little girl, you’re too pretty to wear what you’re wearing”. But she was young I would have embarrassed her even if she wasn’t with her friends.

Does anyone have any good ideas to help the random people that we see wearing ill fitting bras? I wish I had someone tell me when I was her age, that there were more sizes out there than DDD. 

Brastop’s New Fit Video.

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