Get the measuring tape out and measure yourself. it’s best to measure without a bra on if you can do it. Women with lager Cup Sizes may have some sagging due to the weight of the breast. This completely normal and natural. I have found for me it’s best to measure my under the bust and bust without a bra. You might choose to do the bust measurement with your bra on. If so, fasten it  the last hook and eye.  Since the measurement is just a starting point, I leave will it up to you to decide what you prefer. Please Measure yourself in inches.

You going to do two measurements. Please do this standing up.

  1. Under the bust– Measure around your rib cage right up to the crease under the breast. You want to make sure that the tapes doesn’t ride up at all and stays parallel to ground. Breath out. You want to pull it pretty tight but still be comfortable. You don’t want to leave marks or indents in the skin.
  2. The Bust– If you want you can put your bra on.  If you have “saggy” breast please lean forward, so that your upper body is in parallel with the ground. Now the fullest part of your breast is the part that hangs down the most(I know it sounds bad but once you get a proper fitting bra, your breast will be uplifted, and you will be happy with how your girls look). Take the measuring tape around your breast at the fullest part and measure. that will be your Bust measurement.

If your breast are not “saggy” you  don’t have to lean forward.

Some people have half-inch or quarter-inch measurements. Example: 34.5 or 23.25 I prefer to use them rather than not use them. So don’t round down or round-up if you do get them until after the math part is out-of-the-way.

Ready for the easy part. the Bust –the Under the Bust = Cup Size in inches.

Under the Bust Band size

If your Under the Bust measurement is even. If it is odd then you can choose to go up to the next even number for you Band Size and keep the same Cup Size or go down to the next even number and add one cup size. The bra is made of out stretchy material, so it will stretch to fit you. If you find that the bra that you are wearing it to tight you can go up a down a cup and up in the band.

Cup size in inches(UK). A=1in B=2in C=3in D=4in DD=5in E=6in F=7in FF=8in G=9in GG=10in H=11in HH=12in J=13in JJ=14in K=15in KK=16in L=17in LL=18in

Ok so now you have your bra size, Time to do a dance!! Oh wait. It’s just a starting point. Sorry stop you mid dance, but you might have to try several in each bra style and manufacturer. Even styles made by the same brand will fit differently. So you will want to try out your bra by 3 or 4.  I.e i’m a 36KK but I wear a 36K. When i try on bras I want to get a 38JJ 36K 36KK 38K 34KK. Most online shops except returns. But this method might take you a long time to find the bra of your dreams.

Feel free to send me an email if you want me to find out what your size is?

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  1. HI, I’m the girl from yahoo answers who made a question on how to dress a spoon type. Well regarding breast size, my rib measurement is 31.5 while the breast measurement is 35.4. 4 inches difference is DD cup so it’s correct so I don’t understand why you made a link here…

    Esther Garcia

  2. I sent the link so you could figure it out yourself. I’m glad that you did.

  3. loopy says:

    Remember to lean forward to make your nipples drop to the farthest extent.
    My mum calls it Floor scrubbing measurments. My Bras have always been good fits.

  4. renu says:

    what do u mean by bust??????

  5. My underbust is 30 in and my bust is 43-44 in. What size bra should I try? I live in the US, so I can’t try on any bras in a store above a DD cup.

  6. The closest department store near me is Dillard’s. I got fitted there about a month and a half ago as a 34DD. I bought 3 bras in that size that I was able to wear on the tightest hook within a week of having them. I’ve measured myself using this method and Brittany from Thin and Curvy’s method. Your method gives me the measurements above (closer to a 42″ overbust, I believe I was holding the tape too loosely the first time). When I used Brittany’s I got 30 underbust and 40 overbust. I tried a Curvy Kate Emily bra in 32FF from brastop and it was too small in the cup and a bit stretchy in the back, so I exchanged it for 30H. The underwires in the 30H come back really far and the cups don’t lay very flat. I hate that it takes almost a month for me to exchange a bra with brastop (2 weeks both ways). I also noticed that the Emily bra seems to flatten my breasts, is this normal when you wear a bra close to your size? I sent brastop an email with 3 pictures of me wearing the bra so that maybe they can give me some advice on sizing.

  7. Hi Ashelyn,

    I think wearing a bra that fits does make your breast seem smaller than they are. I think it’s because a good bra should push you forward and up. It shouldn’t make you seem flatter. Sorry about the exchange time but 1 month is pretty normal. Like Banana has said about you could try Nordstoms and just try on the bra.

  8. catherine t says:

    My breasts are relatively small, so I measured using your method. I’ve been measured at Victorias Secret, and the girl told me that I’m a 32B. I own some, but they don’t fit the way I would like (they’re somewhat loose on me). I measure 26 inches on the ribcage and 30.6 inches at the fullest part of my breast. Does this mean I’m a 26D? As I said before, my bust isn’t really large, so I’m confused. And if I am a 26D, is there any other size that would fit? Please comment!! Thanks so much! 🙂 I live in the U.S.

    • It’ sounds to me like you should try a 28C. The little bra company sells that. You might also want to try a 28D if the 28C doesn’t fit.

    • Minty says:

      Just something to make you think. I always thought I was a 38C and then I recently got measured at Nordstrom. I was re-fitted in a 32DDD/F and it fit perfectly. Go to a high end store and get measured if you don’t believe it, but I have read elsewhere that people have gotten measured and were now 2-3 cups larger. It’s amazing how many women are wearing the wrong sized bra!

  9. :DDDDD oh yah says:

    my underbust is 28in.-28.5in and my overbust measurement is 33.5-34in. i went to victorias secret and got measured at victoria’s secret and they said i was a 32B but when i tried it on i had a muffin top and my nipples were falling out so what is my real USA bra size???

  10. Destiny says:

    So my bust is 35inches and waist is 29 inches what bra size is that? Also,wear can I find that bra size?

  11. Daisy Jay says:

    Ahh I’m so glad I found your blog. I just followed the measurements directions. The numbers I got were 30 and 38. If I count correctly, that sounds like a 30H. I’ve never worn a band size smaller than 34 and I think a smaller band size would be too tight for me to handle. Could I go ahead and get a 34FF or something like that? I’m in the US, so the sizing is probably a little different. What do you suggest I do??

    • I would suggest you try the 30H. When you go down on the band and up in the cup the band isn’t as tight as you might think it will be. You might want to go to Nordstrom, Intamacy or find a boutique lingerie store.

      • Daisy Jay says:

        Hmmm… Well I’m planning on going to a Frederick’s of Hollywood store soon. So would you say that, no matter what a cup size is, the 30 band will always be the same? Or would a 30D bra be looser than a 30A bra for example? The transition seem pretty…frightening because of the drastic number changes *bites nails*

      • Fredrick of Hollywood uses US sizing, and this site uses UK sizing. US 30H wouldn’t fit you and it would be 4 cup sizes too small. I would suggest you try buying online.

  12. N says:

    Hi, I was directed here from a yahoo answers post. Glad I found your blog. =)
    I’m looking for some help with bra sizing as well, as online calculators havent been able to help me much.
    Here are my measurements:

    Bust: 31.5/32
    Underbust: 28

    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks! =)

  13. sarah says:

    ive just done my measurements like this they are

    bust 36.5
    underbust 31

    what should i be wearing??

  14. Debbi says:

    i am having horrendous problems with bra fitting. Being a curvy girl means i get all sorts of measurements, ranging from 38 I to 44 D,none of which seem to fit.

    Measurements i took myself:-

    under bust – 40
    bust – 47

    I am currently wearing a 42 DD, which is too big a band and too small a cup. From experience, most 40 bands fit on middle setting when new and within weeks are on the tighest fitting.

    As of yet i have not tried the 38 I, but beginning to wander whether i should give it a go

    • I think you should try a 40E(UK) 40DDD(US). But If you wanted you could also try a 38F(UK) 38DDDD/G(US) as well. Larger women can go down on the band and up in the cup a bit.

      • Debbi says:

        i am considering trying a 38, wasnt sure of the cup size though. I have a 38 that fits perfectly under the bust ( it is old but only been worn a handful of times, a special occasion bra if you like), is very comfortable and takes all the weight away from the straps,except for the cup being 10 X too small.

        Wonder what the item limit is next time i’m in the changing rooms 🙂

  15. Emma says:

    Hi, I found your site through a link on yahoo answers. I need help finding my correct bra size. My underbust is 28, my overbust is 30, and my bust is 32. What bra size should I be?

  16. leish says:

    over bust : 36
    under bust 30

    help with my bra size
    i cant find any wear the sells bras under a 34 band size theres no 30 or 32 and i cant afford more then £10 on one bra.
    im only a teen.. so

    • You should try a 30E. I’m sure you don’t have any money of you own but your parents should buy you at least 2 or 3 bras that fit you. I think that you should just ask. If you like you can try some bras on find what fits you best and take a picture with your top on to show your parents that you need a bra that give you support.

  17. S says:

    My breast are 34FF,which type of bra will suite me full comfortable.

    • Well that is really up to you. Depending on how close your breast are or far apart, and how high or low the breast root is will effect the fit of a bra. Also differnt manufacturers bras will fit differntly. Use the size that you have as a guide but for each brand and each type be willing to try the sister sizes and other near sizes if the 34FF doesn’t fit as well as you hoped.

  18. Kirsty says:

    I’ve tried this method and the numbers I got were just under 31 inches for the bust and 26 inches for the band. Should I try a 28D? It seems really large because my girls are seriously tiny!

  19. Shannon says:

    ive just done my measurements like this they are

    bust :34
    underbust 30

    what should i be wearing??
    im not sure please help.

  20. ashley says:

    alot of online bra fittings say to add 4 inches to the band size if its even, and then add 5 inches if its odd is that true. i measure 28 band so wud i add 4 inches to be a 32 band? also my bust is 31.5 can u tell me what i am please? 🙂

    • Debby says:

      You shouldn’t add any inches to your band size because that’s an old improper way of measuring. You should try a 28D

  21. jackie says:

    hello i am a 27.5 band and 32.5 bust what am i thank youu

  22. ashley says:

    i remeasured the band and its 27.5 not 30
    so underbust: 27.5
    bust: 31.5

  23. Shannon says:

    @CONFESSIONSOFACURVYGIRL im sooooooo confuse when i went into the bra fitting store the lady said i’m a 30E off the bat. Then i went into another fitting store i told me they don’t do size measurements so i told her about the first lady i went to and she went with the 30E.
    You say i could try 30D,32C. and 30DD i guess i could.

    the measurements i took i asked my mom to do it for me.

    • At the end of the it comes down to fit. Because of the brand you might like and the shape of your breast, the spacing of your breast and some of factors you might measure one size and fit into another close by size. Please take a look at a fit video. I have found that sometimes I will tell young women to try a size and think that I wasted their time. Don’t be afraid to try other sizes.

  24. Kirsty says:

    Went and bought myself a 28D and it fits like a dream! Thank you 😀

  25. ashley says:

    im confused tho becuz i am now a 28d. but when i wear 32 or even 34 bands they fit tight on me. how can i wear a 28 or 30 band. and i measured my mom at 30. but she wears 36 band right now and anythign smaller then that like a 34 the clasps wont even close?

    also when i measure my bras with a tape measure they are waaaay smaller then they say they are why is that. like my 34 band bras i stretched them beside a tape measure and they measure at like 25 26.

    thank you!

    • A bra that fits well is skin tight that can feel a bit uncomfortable at first. when i first got a bra that fit well I remember thinking this is really really tight on my skin. That and the underwire was poking me in the arm pit. It was uncomfortable at first but I could see in the mirror how much better my breast looked. I didn’t have any double bubble and my posture looked much better. After It took me a week to break in the bra and after that no tightness at all.

      Advice for your mom if you go down on the band then go up in the cup so if she is a 36B she should try a 30D and 30DD. She would find that the cups are the same size and with a tighter band she can show off her curves. I guarantee the clasps will close.

  26. Freya says:

    Excellent blog here! Additionally your website loads up fast! What host are you using? Can I am getting your associate link to your host? I want my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  27. destiney says:

    Hi, I measured myself today and my waist was about 29in and my chest was 35 so would that be a DDD? I am wearing a 36DD that appears to be too big in the band size.

    • Going by your measurements you would be a 30E or 30DDD. Do you feel like your breast fit into the cups. If your unsure you could have someone stand behind you and pull the band as tight as possible. If your breast seems to fit well in the cup you could try sister sizing. In that case you would try a 30G and a 30GG(UK sizing).

  28. Marie says:

    Hi, I’m from the US and some online caculators told me different measurements for my bust size.
    Over my breast = 29 inches.
    Around my bust = 29 inches.
    Under my bust = 27 inches
    What bra size should I wear?

  29. destiny says:

    The bra fits better once I pull the band back as far as possible. If not the band is too big and does not hold up my boobs properly.

  30. Anon says:

    Hi, I’m a 26DD really but I have to wear a 28D, but the band is a bit too loose and I think it’s making my boobs not fill the cups completely even though it’s the right cup size. Should I try a 28C?

    • It’s worth a try. But you might want pull the band tighter with your hands and see if the cup fits. If the cup fits then you should take the bra you have to a seamstress and have her make the band smaller. You could aslo try buying the 26DD from click on the union jack and then send them an email.

      • Anon says:

        Tried a 28C and it was too small so I guess I’ll just have to get my 28Ds altered. One of the 28Ds I have is non padded and there is a slight bit of wrinkling at the seams on one of the cups, do you think making the band smaller will remedy this?

      • Wrinkling in the cup means that it’s to large. It could be that the band is to large to fit in your band properly you can test this theory by having a someone else pull the band while and you pull your breast into the cup

  31. KW says:

    My underbust is 28 inches, and my bust is 38 inches. I wear a US 32DDD, which doesn’t fit, and I’m thinking of trying out UK bras. Help? Thanks!

  32. Elizabeth S. says:

    Hi! My bust is 35 and underbust is 29. I’ve seen other comments, and I know my UK sizing would be about 30E. I’m from the US, and was wondering if there was any way I could know my converted size? I normally wear about a 34A, but the cups have been getting a bit too snug.

    • That would be a 30DDD. I don’t know of any American Companies that make this size. I think you should just stick with the UK sizing.

      • Elizabeth S. says:

        Thanks 🙂 I’ll try it.
        I also have another question: Usually, American sizing takes the underbust, adds 4-5 inches ( depending on whether it is an odd or even number) then the subtraction is done from the bust. The inches added can vary a bit, but that is the common sizing. Is the UK sizing more accurate? And why?

      • There a lot of shops that do the +4 rule. This started when bras were made commercially because the bras weren’t made of a stretchy material. That’s not the case anymore.

  33. panda says:

    Hi, my underbust is 25 inches and if I lean over like you said my bust is 31 inches. Would that make me a 26DD or E?

  34. panda says:

    Elizabeth S, shops over here tell you to do that too, but it’s inaccurate.

  35. Teacups says:

    I love your site, very helpful, indeed.
    I’ve often found it very hard to find good fitting bras, I think because i’m very small. I typically wear 34A though i don’t fill most of those bras unless they are padded.

    Under bust = 29″
    fullest part = 32.5″ If i round up to 33″ the tape measure will fall down.

    What do you suggest?

  36. Diane says:

    Hi, I wear a 32A or sometimes 32B bra…. my measurements are 33in bust and 29 under bust…. so what size am I really? Please keep in mind that I’m 15 … I don’t know if it makes a difference though, am I going to stop growing soon? Because I started growing and 10 and a bit… and got my period at 13….

  37. Diane says:

    Thank you 🙂

  38. anon says:

    Hi, I should be wearing a 26 back I think but I wear a 28D that has extra hooks sewn on at the back. But even though it feels pretty tight it still slips and leaves gaps and the top of the cups if I lift my arms so I keep having to pull them back in. It just doesn’t feel secure. The straps aren’t too short so I know it’s not that. If I put it on the next tightest setting it’s too tight and it hurts. My measurements are 25 inches for the underbust and 30.5 inches for the bust if I’m standing up, 32 inches if I’m leaning over. What could be the problem?

  39. c says:

    Sorry about this but I am really confused. My underbust is 31 and my overbust is 39 inches. So does that mean my size should be a 31FF? I am pretty sure I calculated that wrong because I thought I was a c at most. I really don’t think they’re that big. I’m australian so maybe our sizes are different but they shouldn’t be that different. Please help!! Thanks

    • Going by your measurement you should be a 32FF. No I don’t think you calculated wrong. Try a 10FF and see how it fits. Try looking for some boutique bra stores in your area that offer larger sizes for fitting. Remember that this is just a starting point to point you in the right way to finding a new bra.

  40. anon says:

    Hey it’s me again, just wondering, you say to subtract the underbust measurement from the bust measurement to get the cup size (in my case, 30.5 – 25 to get an E cup) but on this site it says to subtract my band size from the bust measurement (it’d be 30.5 – 26 to get a DD cup). Which one is right?

    • Measurement are starting point. if you want you could try a 26DD or a 26E. Since these sizes are hard to get right now. You might want to try a 28D and a 28DD and see how that fits. Current’s offers 26 band but you have to order them special by emailing them. Freya should offering 26 bands by the end of the year and will also be offering bras 26 band bras this spring I think.

      Personally I think you should try a 28E as well and see how they all fit. It sounds expensive, but brastop offer bras for really cheap and they do have a good return/exchange policy.

  41. Leanne says:

    I need help. I’m 13. Band size is 28 inches and cup size is 1. What bra size should I try? Would I still fit in a training bra?

  42. Anya says:

    Hello, I was directed here by some one on Yahoo answers. My under bust is 44, and my bust (bent over, since I’m saggy) is 66. What size is that..? I’ve been wearing the wrong size bra for years, simply because I get frustrated, so I give up and buy what fits best.

    • I think at this point your gonna have to try custom. Because there are no bras that made that large in the cup. A You would be a 44NN I think.

      • Anya says:

        Thank you. Seems like I’m going to have to stick to ones that are too small, since I can’t afford a custom. Maybe I’ll look into corsets. Probably about the same as the custom bras I’ve looked at.

        Any suggestions on custom bra makers?

      • If you can you might get some more relief if you try a 44K 44KK or 44LL if you can get one on eBay. The site I sent you the bras area just 80 each. If you can afford one a month or every other month you will see how good it is to have the right bra size for you.

      • Anya says:

        I found a place with 44N, would that be good?

      • There is a difference between the UK N and the US N. You might want to ask what sizing they are using first.

  43. Marie says:

    Hi, I bought a 28B bra as I followed your advice. The cup size is perfect, but I needed to use a bra extender since the strap is too small. The extender is 3 1/2 inches long to get the bra strap to fit well around my chest. In this case, what size bra should I use?

  44. Marie says:

    I just left a comment above, and I needed to add that the strap went around my chest and it closed on the back, but it was just a little too tight.

    • When you buy a new bra you will have to break it in like shoes. Just try wearing it for a few days in a row before you wash it. Make sure you hand wash bras and air dry them. You will get use it. If in a week it’s still to tight then get the extender.

      Trust me I have to do this with all my bra when ever I buy a new bra.

  45. Titli66 says:

    hello, i measured myself. underbust 32″ n bust 38″. i measured my bra size says am 36D. how? should i try 32E? i already ordered a bra online of size 36D. n now am panicking.wat if it doesnt fit me? it was expnsv, no return policy. and currently am wearin a bra,band size 34 n its band s tight. if i wear a bra of band size 32, i guess its going to be more tight. isnt it? oh god. am panicking. i desparately want a perfect fitting bra. pls help.if possible mail me.pls pls. 😥
    thank you.

    • Your current bra is a 34 what?

      I think that you should try a 32E(UK)/32DDD(US). If the bra you purchased hasn’t been sent yet you might want to call them or email and exchange the size or cancel the order.

      Sometimes a band can feel to tight because the cup is to small and breast tissue is being pushed in to the band.

      It’s the band that gives you the most support.

  46. Titli66 says:

    I’m from kolkata. here no such bra is available as 32A,B,C 34A,B,C 36A,B,C,D…. here we go to a bra shop, they ask size? we tell 32/24/36/38.. dere s no cup size s mentioned here only band size.n i wear 34 right now.n i tried calling them.i cant cancel it now.anyway,i guess am gonna order 32DDD/32E. can u suggest any cheap onlyn shop with good return policy?

  47. Titli66 says:

    what about

  48. iamsherlocked says:

    Hi, could you suggest any bra brands that tend to come up small in the back and/or the cup? 28 backs are usually too big on me 😦

  49. Kathleen says:

    26 underneath and 33 on the bust.
    So I would be a 26F, right? Do you know where to find this size? (In the US. or online)

    • You would be a 26F, but you can also try a 28E as well. This is using UK sizing. You can buy 28E at,, and You can also try local small boutique bra sellers in your area.

      If you want to try the 26F could try click on the Union Jack for english. You will have to order the bra special by sending them and email though the site.

    • yes you would be a 26F. You can buy this size at Click on the Union Jack for English. If you will have to send them an Email and ask to special order your size. I think Freya will be making 26 bands by the end of the year. If you want you can try a 28E it would be the same cup volume and less tight in the band.

      The sizing I use is UK sizing but many small boutique stores in the USA buy UK made bras. You can also buy online

  50. rachel says:

    Someone sent me a link here…

  51. samia says:

    I’m not so sure about my bra size. My bras are all 36E to DD and now they don’t fit anymore. I measured myself and got the ribcage measurement of 35.3 and the bust 43.1 would that be a F or FF?

  52. Carley says:

    Hi From the Uk 😀
    Love your blog found it through Yahoo after much huffing and puffing with the measuring tape lol.
    Weight Loss and Gain have me buying and then storing away so many pretty bra’s huff and now I think I need to buy some new ones again due to loosing weight lol.

    underbust 30.5″
    bust 33.2″
    above 32.1

    Appreciate your help and any website links for pretty bras as im sure my boobs have gone really small now (cant find many that fit right in the shops)

    Thanks in advance xx

  53. Carley says:

    Thank you so much your right I tried one this morning and BAM!! you were so on point XD

    Fits like a glove as they say.


  54. What bra would I be if my band size 27 inches and bust 34 inches.

  55. iamsherlocked says:

    I just got a 26DD bra from the Big Bra Bar and the sizing is way off. It feels at least two cup sizes and one band size too big. It feels more like a 28E/F to me. It’s so annoying because I’d been waiting over a month for it and I was really excited to finally get a bra that fits 😦

    • Did you make sure you put your bra on correctly and pull your breasts and any back fat or armpit fat into the cup.

      • iamsherlocked says:

        Yes, I did.

      • Well then I guess it’s just a problem with this particular brand. Some people have problems certain bands. For me it’s Panache.

        Freya will be coming out with 26DD by the end of the year and offers 26DD. You will have to send them an email and ask to buy that size.

        You might also want to try a 28D and see how that fits as well. It’s much easier to get a 28D on or ebay if you want something for cheap.

      • iamsherlocked says:

        I’m wearing 28Ds at the moment and they’re okay for the time being. I put the 26DD bra next to one of my larger 28Ds and the difference was pretty noticeable. I guess it is just the brand. I could get away with a 26D/DD in Freya so I look forward to that.

      • You should give Their bras are only 45USD and about 28GBP. It about the average cost. I don’t think that it would be a waist of money.

        Just look for some reviews.

  56. Scarlett says:

    A couple days ago I got measured at Victoria secret and she told me I was a 40C… I haven’t been a 40C since highschool. She didn’t even measure underneath!!! Ive been having trouble figuring out what my size is… It’s gotten so frustrating I’m seriously thinking of throwing away bras forever!!! I will try your method 😀 I hope it works… Thank you! 🙂

    • This is why I hate VS. The “fitters” just wants to sell you bras. They don’t care if the bra fits or not. Just to let you know this is a starting point. Hopefully you will be able to buy a bra that fits you.

  57. anonymous says:

    Hi, I’m having some problems with bra fitting. I’ve got a bra and I’m not sure whether it’s too big or too small. The underwires aren’t quite wide enough for my boobs and I really have to pull them in so they’ll fit into the cup. I can slide my middle finger down the centre gore as it isn’t completely flat against my sternum. I completely fill the bottom and the sides of the cups (which feel slightly flattened?) but the fabric at the top is slightly loose. I know I’m wearing the wrong back size but that’s because you can’t find 26s. The bra is a 28DD, I tried a D but it was way too small. The back isn’t really loose though. I don’t think I could fill a 28E. Help 😦

  58. Lydia says:

    Hi, I’m needing some help with my bra size and am glad yahoo answer had bought me here.
    I live in Australia. Here are my measurement:

    Under bust: 26

    Bust: 32

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  59. mommabee1981 says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SITE!!!! It’s no wonder so many women are wearing the wrong bra size vonsidering how many different measurement systems there are.
    I was wearing a 38B with Victoria’s Secret bras, then went to be measured at JCPenny. They rold me I wss a 36C, but the girls kept popping out of the top of the bra. I tried a 36D which kept the girls in, but fwlt extremely bulky.
    I just measured myself using your method:
    underbust= 33
    bust = 38
    Can you tell me some sizes I should try? Not sure if it makes a difference, but i orefer to wear padded bras. I’m in the US & sick & tired of poorly fitting bras.

    • I think that you should try a 34DD or a 32DDD.(US)/32E9UK)

      I think what you want is a molded cup bra, not a padded bra. A molded cup bra has some foam in the cup but It doesn’t add inches and it’sot bulky.

      You should try Fraya Deco, Taylor, and Crystal. Panache makes some nice t-shirt bras. and Curvy Kate Tease Me and Thrill Me

      Good luck.

      • mommabee1981 says:

        Yes, you are correct…MOLDED not padded 🙂
        I have been wearing a 34D for about a week now that feels pretty good. Of course I try one by a different maufacturer & it’s a no go. 34D is hard to find in stores and 34DD is nearly impossible. I’m going to try those brands you mentioned. Any suggestion on a great online store with a great return policy that isn’t terribly expensive? I know..needle in haystack, right?!
        Thanks for the advise!

      • You should try,,,, is also a great resource. Most of the bras cost between $30-$50 as far as bras go that isn’t to expensive. If your used to buying VS then I think you will do alright with these sites.

  60. Lexi says:

    Um well let’s I’m glad I found a site like this!:))
    I am trying to help my little sis with finding a bra.
    Her band size is: 32.5/33
    And her bust size is: 30
    I’m assuming she’s 36aa or something…

  61. Katt Cornick says:

    Hi, Im measuring 28.5 under my bust and 38.5 across. Theys said Im a 32DDD. But I still have muffin boob. What size am I really, help?! Im american living in Japan. So I can’t find a place to measure me properly! 😦

  62. Marianna S Coelho says:

    Hi Um from BRazil, and I was always wanted to know about us bra size measurement system, but it is so hard to find, I want to know why the us measure system tells to add 4 or 5 inches to ribcase measure of band size, and what was the calculus made to correlat the measurem number with letter. I saw once that a professor called John R Tyrer developed the system

    Any one please?

    • I have heard of John R Tyrer. His bra method had more to do with making bras and less with regular women finding there bras. Why don’t you try my method first and then use the fit video that is also posted on my site to help you find a bra that fit well.

      Good luck.

  63. angie says:

    Hello, Im right now wearing a bra size 32C (US) but I’m not really sure that it fits correctly, sometimes I feel the cup too small. My measurements are 28 under the bust and 34 bust, please tell me which size I should wear? Im from the US so if you could tell me in the US sizing it would help me:) Thanks a lot

    • Even though your from the US(so am I) there are no US companies that make your size. You would be a 28E(UK). There are no American bra companies that make a 28DDD which is what you would be in US sizing. When shopping you might want to try ebay,, and

      This might sounds like a large size but it’s not really.

  64. anya says:

    Doesn’t it vary from shop to shop? At marks and spencers I am a 28c. It fits like a dream. (check out their size guide) as I have an extremely tiny 23 ribcage and 31 overbust. What shops use your method? Because 24ffs and 22e-fs would have to be custom done.

    • Yes size can vary from shop to shop. That being said I hope that you do a fit check looking at the video on my blog. Because your so thin I would think a 24FF, 26F would fit best. offers these sizes if you want you can go to for her review. The own of thinandcurvey is a 26HH. If you want you could give a 28E a try on the innermost hook and see how that fits.

      These number are just a starting point. But for most girls and women it’s gets them much closer to finding their size rather than just trying on bras and guessing.

  65. Brittney says:

    okay so my overbust is a 34 and my under is a 29… im wearing now a 34DD but my prob is its riding up under my breast and its gapping under my arms but it fits in the cup???

    • I think that you should try a a 30DD. I’m going by your measurements. I kinda wonder if you did measure correctly. By sister sizing you would be a 30F. That is a 3 cup difference. Try taking your current bra and tie it in the back. Have a someone help you if you need it. Have it tied a tight as you can get it and then pull your breast into the cup from the side. if you still think that the cups fit well then go for the 30F. If the your cup seem to large you should try the 30DD.

  66. Lia says:

    my band size is 27 and by bust size is 30 I don’t what my bra size is and also where to get them I don’t care if it’s expensive though…

  67. Kristycupcake1 says:

    Is my bra size 30 b if:

    Under the bust:29
    Around the bust:31
    And if possible where should I get them??

  68. Marianna Souza Coelho says:

    Hi, its me again, from Brazil
    Thank you of answering me, but what I really want to know is the math calculus made to convert number in letter, how it was made or developed?

  69. Kerry says:

    Hi there, just wondering if you help me by telling me what bra size I should be buying? I currently wear 34 or 32b and my measurements are:
    Below bust: 33 inches
    Bust: 37 inches
    Above bust: 36 inches

    I usually wear padded bras and feel too small in them but if they aren’t padded, I look very small! Any advice in what I should be buying?
    Thank you 🙂

  70. anonymous says:

    Hi, I’m a 26E (measurements of 25/31) and I can’t find anything that fits me. I know Ewa Michalak do them and Panache will be trialing 26 bands in early 2013, do you know of any other companies that will?

  71. Amanda says:

    I recently had a breast augmentation and have been struggling to find my correct bra size. My ribcage measures 26in and my bust is 36.5. I got sized at nordstoms and they gave me a 32 dd. I’ve always worn a 32 and like many of the other girls I cringe at the thought of going to a smaller band size.

    • I think that your should try a 26HH. But since that is a hard to get size You might want to try a 28H first. I believe that Norstrom offers this size you should give it a try. You might like the way it looks. Just demand that size. Your definitively not a 32DD.

      I’m not sure why you would cringe at going down 2 band sizes.Your band is supposed to be some what tight that is what give support but will not be uncomfortable. When you try on bra try them on the loosest hook and eye.

  72. rowbaggie says:

    Hi i just measured myself and i leaned forward like u said bended over forward and my bust was 60 inches and my underbust is 44 what size am i please from uk

  73. Crystal says:

    I think I measured this right. I did it with a bra on but clearly way too small (you do measure in your bra?). Underbust is 36 inches, and bust is 42inches. I currently wear a DD36 and they are falling out the top, the bottom, dont lift, and so on. The handful of seperate individuals who measured me said try a D36 (but it clearly is too small) even the DD36 is too small.

  74. Crystal says:

    I got 36 inches under, and 43 around bust with and without a bra. I did it at a 90 degree angle this time.

    • You should try a 36F(UK sizing). If your a bit on the larger side like me you can go down on your band size at least two sizes if you go up a cup two sizes.

      So you could also try a 34FF and a 32G. if you have a back issues the tighter band can help. Also depending on the fit a of the bra you might like a 36F in some bras and you might like a 34FF in others.

  75. Hayley says:

    according to this im still a 32 ddd

  76. AshleyChanttal says:

    sometimes, I feel less compatible with my current bra size. I wear 34b now on. as I found out this article i started to measure my ribcage and bust and it turns out,
    ribcage: 28.5
    bust: 34
    then i followed the steps above to know my real size, and i was surprised because my real bra size is far from what i had on now. so what do you think the real size of bra that fit on me? i am still not sure of the calculation that i made.

    oh and what kind of bra that can make my breast looks a lot smaller? Any advice in what I should be buying? I live in Indonesia and I am fifteen years old, do you think it is way too big on my age for having that size? thank you:)

    • You would be a 28E bra size. I think that you should try it. It’s not a huge bra size. It’s the same cup volume as a 30DD 32D 34C. But the 28E will give you some good support. Why not give it a try.

  77. Latifah says:

    I’m confused about finding the right bra size. I measured my bust as being 34in and rib cage 28 but the lady at victoria’s secret said I was a 34C which I tried on and it was too small. I then got a 34D which is too small now. the straps hurt my shoulders.

  78. Vanessa says:

    I ordered some bras on my knew size, but apparently, it changed. An girl at La vie en rose measure me, but I don’t think it is the real size.
    Before, I wore 30DD/30D, but the new bras a I ordered were really too tights on the band size (but the cup was perfect (a DD).
    So I measure myself:
    Underbust: 28 (27 for the girl at store – depend who takes the measurements ;))
    Bust: 32

    She said I need a 32DD, but according to my 30DD perfect-cup… That would be better for a 32D, no?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Based on your measurements you should be a 28DD. That would be one cup size smaller than a 30DD. If I was to sister size you, then you would be 28E. You might want to measure try measuring your bust in the 90 degree angle.

      • Vanessa says:

        IF an 30DD band was too tight, 28 will be impossible to wear!

      • That’s why i think that you should remeasure your bust in a 90 Degree angle if you have not done so. I do think that your a 28 Band you might have to buy a few 28s to see what size you might be.

        Keep in mind that when you buy a bra the band should be tight. It will be tighter than you are used to at first. If the band feels to tight you might want to go up on the cup rather than the band and then check the fit.

  79. Katie says:

    So I have been preety clueless with this whole bra measurement thing. I followed the instructions above which helped a lot! I have a 28 inch rib cabe and a 35inch bust which would be a 28F I believe? Is the “sister size” a 32DD?

    thank you in advance(:

  80. Katie says:

    Thank you so much!!

  81. Morgan says:

    I’m really confused as to what size bra I wear..I recently lost 30 pounds and previously wore a 34DD. My ribcage now is 26.5 and 34 bust. I got fitted at VS and they told me I was still a 34DD but none of my old bras fit and theirs didn’t either. I really need new bras but I have no clue what size I am, where to go to get new ones or where to get fitted properly. Please help!

  82. mono91 says:

    Hey! my underbust is 32″ , bust is 38″.
    so my bra size shold be 32DD/32E right? which one should i go for? 32DD or 32E? right now an wearin wrong a size bra whose band size is 34.n it feels tight. if i wear 32, wouldnt it be too tight? pls reply. n which one wold be better for me? underwires, padded, seamless, not~padded, which one? coz i have “saggy” breasts. 😥

    • Bra measurement is only a starting point. Based on your measurements You should start with a 32E. No the bra shouldn’t be too tight when you try it on. The band of a bra will sometimes feel tight if the cups are too small. The unde wire will push the breast tissue into the band.

  83. mono91 says:

    so i should go for an underwired bra, right?

  84. mono91 says:

    One more question,
    32E and 36C has the same cup size right?
    bt when i tried 36C, the cups were too big n needless to say the band was horribly big too. i didnt try 32E yet. not getting the size here in nearby store. but if 32E n 36C has the same cup size den y didnt the C cup of 36 band fit me? any idea?

  85. Marianna says:

    Hi, Im thinks, why do we have to add 4 or 5 inches to the ribcage measure to get what they call bandsize:?

    • The old way of measuring was to add 4 inches. This is because when bras where first invented the fabrics used to make bras weren’t that stretchy. Now we have cotton and silk blends as sell as completely man made fibers.

      If you read my method doesn’t as you to add 4 or 5 inches. If you ribcage measurement is even then that is your band size if it’s odd then round up or round down and add a cup size.

  86. Gabby says:

    I’m a 27 round my ribcage and 32 bust so what am I? Anyways good method x

  87. Eva says:

    Hi. I’m 15 and live in the UK. I currently wear a size 34B, but when I measured using your scale I got:
    under the bust=31 inches
    bust=34 inches
    thats a 32D. I’m not sure on what to think. could you help me please?!

  88. Sadaf Gabol says:

    I am Pakistani.

    I have bust size 36.5 Inches (Exact size, nor added, nor subtracted)
    I have below bust size 31.5 Inches (Exact size, nor added, nor subtracted)

    Please tell me which BRA will be fit for me. (Please tell in UK or US Sizes).

    Thanks and Best Wishes

    Sadaf Gabol

  89. Sharon says:

    Hello 🙂

    I’m 31 inches under bust, and 38.5 inches around the bust. Could you please tell me what size am I, at US sizes (since I’m unfamilier with UK sizes)? I usually wear a 36C but they’re kind of weird – when I put them on and put a t-shirt above them I can see breast spillage above the cups but after a while of wearing it (few minutes of movement) the breast seems to kind of fall into the cup and then it seems to be too small? can you tell me why is that and help me?

    Also, how does ordering online work? I mean, if it doesn’t fit, can I return it?

  90. Emily says:

    I measured my under my bust as a 30.5 and my bust as 32.what do you recommend?

  91. Lucy says:

    Hi, love the site…wonder if you could help. Under bust I measure a 30 tight and a 31 loose. Over bust I am a 38.5. Any idea what this would make me? I tried a 30 E recently but the cups were too small and band way too small although I tried a 32 E also and the band was too big (in the same make) I’m confused! THANKS!!!!

    • I think that you should try a 30F and a 30FF. Sometimes a band can feel to small because the cups are too small and breast tissue gets pushed into the band. Please also take a look at the fit video.

  92. Sunny Merritt says:

    My under bust measured 28.5 and my bust measured 32.25. I went to a Victoria’s secret and was told I’m a 32 B but I’m sure that’s incorrect. I’m not quite sure what sizes to try. What would you recommend for my measurements?

    Also does it change what size I would buy at all that I live in the US, or is that more for much larger sizes?

  93. Z says:

    Hi, I’m from US but now live in Malaysia. All stores are different and I don’t go out very often so my parents usually have to go and buy a bra without me; meaning that they usually don’t fit.
    Um, what do think my size would be, in US, if bust is 32in and below is 28.5?
    Thanks ^^’

  94. Kirsty says:

    Im 13 and I have a 32D, is this normal??

  95. Natasha says:

    my under bust is 28 and my bust is 31, and i live in the UK which size should i try? (:

  96. Jane says:

    I currently wear mostly 34DD. When I measured myself I got 32 for my under bust and 39 for my bust. What size would you recommend I try? Thanks.

  97. Emily says:

    Hi ^^. Every time I get a bra fitting, they tell me I’m either a 36C or a 34D. But they always feel loose around the band or make my chest look really saggy D;
    I measured my under bust, being 30in. and my bust 38in.

  98. Rainbow says:

    Hello, last time I was measured I was told I was a 32B but I dont think im that size anymore..
    I measured myself and my measurements are :

    under bust – 31.5
    bust is 36

    What size would you recommend?

    Thankyou 🙂

  99. caitlin kerr says:

    my measurements are:

    underbust – 29
    bust – 33/34

    could you tell me what size would be appropriate?

  100. sally says:

    hi umm my lower bust is 27 and my bust is 31 inches. so what bra size should i wear.

  101. Anna says:

    Under bust-26

    What size would you recommend I try? =D

  102. sally da babe says:

    28D, 30C 28DD,30D are these bra sizes small??? what age would be wearing these sizes
    and do you know how i can get bigger breasts??

    • yes they are small. Band size is relative to the cup size There is no age for certain size. You should wear what fits you. You might want to try the 28D first.

  103. Ginny says:

    Hey! Im 27.5 inches under my bust and my bust is 31.5 inches all around.
    I live in Australia, where the smallest bandsize available is an 8 (30 in US) I usually have trouble finding bras. I have never been fitted as I am only 16, but if I buy 10C’s the cup is often too small, but 12C’s are massively big on the band size. But 10’s are generally a bit lose still… I have tried 10D’s but they are usually to big in the cup size.

    What size would you recommend?

    Thank you! 🙂

  104. Ginny says:

    Yes, I double checked several times, since you can’t buy 6’s in bras in anything under an A…. I tried on an 8D and it fit well… 8D’s are rare here, since you usually can’t buy anything in 8’s above a C….

    • You could try buying online. An 8D is larger in the cup and the band than a 6D. Did you check the fit of the bra try watching the fit video. a 6D is the same as 28D. you might also want to try going to some small lingerie shops as well.

  105. Mariw says:

    Please tell me my size!! I’m desperate. My measurements are 30.05 and 38.9375. I wear a 34D but I know that’s not right at all.

  106. Maya says:

    Hi! I measure 25.5 underbust and 38.5 bust, but I’ve got a bony ribcage so band size 28 could fit okay. What cup size would you suggest? Buying bras online might be difficult, because the size of my breasts increases far too quickly, during the past half year it has been a cup size in two months and that makes buying bras expensive as they fit well only for a short time. I just keep hoping that the growing would stop as soon as possible. I’m 16 now.

  107. Ginny says:

    Hi, im 28 under the bust and a 32 on the bust. I measured using the 90 degree angle as my bust is sadly a bit saggy 😦

    What size would you recommend me to wear?

  108. sparkles says:

    im hapi to c dis post. n the design is reli cool
    my underbust is 26.5in
    my bust is approx 32in

    i wan to know if my bust size is small or normal?!


  109. Ally says:

    Hi! 🙂

    I live in the US, and I wear a 32C. My measurements are 27 bellow and 33 across my bust.

    Do you think im wearing the right size. Im 18, but I have a feeling I should be wearing maybe a bigger band/smaller cup or a smaller band/bigger cup.

    Thank you for your help! 😀

    Also, would you consider my measurements big, small or average? (im guessing not big, lol)


  110. Derpina says:

    I am 21 years old and I have underbust measurement of 24 and bust size of 26. Do I even need to wear a bra. My mom says I should not since I have under-developed-boobs and I am too thin.

  111. Mystery Chick says:

    I think that measuring in centimeters is more accurate for me, so my measurements are..

    Under bust: 73cm (= 28.7402 inches)
    Bust: 88cm (= 34.6457 inches)

    What size am I? My 32C and 34B bras suffocate me and leave my chest aching long after I take them off!

    Thx soomuch!!

  112. Fiy says:

    Hi, I live in the UK and I’m currently wearing a 30E bra size. My underbust is 30 and my bust is 35/36, is this right? Thanks 🙂

  113. Victoria says:

    So when ever i get measured I am always a 32d(us), and the 32dd(us) fit me better but i still fall out of both cups, and then 32ddd(us) fit me better but i still have a fit issue with the cups, they don’t lay right and one breast is spilling over. I am at a 31 under bust and about a 36 bust.

    • Going by your measurements you could try a 30E. But you should cheack the fit as well with the fit video. It sounds like the cups are way to, you might want to try a 30F and a 30FF and see how that fits.

      Did you measure your bust in the 90 degree angle. If not try that.

  114. Carlettia says:

    Hello! thank you so much for such a wonderful post!
    I am hoping that you can help direct me to a great fitting bra! When measuring (without a bra) my ribcage measurement is 26″ is tight 27″ is loose and my bust is 35.5/36 but when bent over it is more like 36.5/37. I have really perky boobs and they sit up pretty high but there is about 1 to 1.5 inches between them. 😦 I’ve tried many bras but nothing fits quite right. I have issues from the band riding up and being far too big and the tops of the bra fitting too loosely because the straps are too big even on the tightest.. And then I have issues of my boobs sitting up pretty high so it doesn’t fill out the bottom of the cup but falls out the top almost completely? Why is that and what sizes and styles do you think would fit me best? thanks you very much in advance!! 🙂

  115. Lyn Alvarez says:

    I was just wondering, i have a current bra size, but the front keeps riding up, does that mean i need a new size?

  116. Latifah says:

    I measured underneath my bust which came out to be 30 inches then measured across my bust which came out to be 37inches. so would that be a 32F? I currently wear a 36DD but the band size is too large. Plus do you know where to get that size? Thank you

  117. Latifah says:

    Ok thank you!

  118. sparkles says:

    i would like to know why my bras dont fit when i lay down, but perfectly fit when im not lying down??
    also, before u ans me that my measurement is somewhat like 26E or 28DD, actually wts da band size in cm?? thank you~

  119. rubi says:

    hello,,i am from saudi arabia…my underbust size is 28inc,and bust size is 37….which size will be match to me…and here the shops is not having the plus cup sizes like e f g h i …cup sizes….do you here any branches about these good bra stores…..

    • Hi Ruby. I think you should try a 28G. I don’t know anything about Saudi lingerie stores.If you want you could try buying online at and I think that you should do a search or ask the women of your community where they shop. You if there are no large bust or plus size lingerie stores in your area you might consider doing making a small business. I’m sure your not the only woman that needs this type of service.

  120. Kristy says:

    My underbust is 28″. My bust is 32″ I know my bust is small 😦 but what bra size am I?

  121. Shania says:

    my weight has fluctuated a lot in the past year so now i have no idea what bra i should be wearing..for a while i was still wearing the 34C i used to be but now i’ve just measured myself and under the bust is 27.5″ and my bust is 31-32″, so what bra size am i now please?

  122. jodie says:

    Hiya can u tell me my size?

    43.5 inches full bust
    36 inches under bust

    Lot of ppl say I’m 40E of 38FF but I can be; my breasts aren’t that big yet (I’m big for my age though)

    And I fit into a 34C though I overspill and I. Have armpit fat so can you help me?

  123. Magiee says:

    I currently wear a 28D-30C. But I find that size 28 bands are not tight, but still firm & the cups fit ok, but any bigger is annoying…

    But with 30C’s the band rubs up & down a bit & I nearly fall out of the cups.

    Im only 14, & my mum is desperately fusturated with what size I need, since 6 months ago I wore a 30AA…

    Im 27.5 under bust & 32.5 bust

    sorry for being so annoying and confusing, but thanks sooo much for your help!

  124. nichola says:

    hi can you please help me….my under bust measures 36.5inches and over bust (bending forward method) measures 43.5inches.
    many thanks

  125. Rubithana says:

    This is rubi from saudi arabia.Actually i am indian…my hubby works here.In saudi arabia,there are so many malls.but i didnot find the plus size bras here….my under the bust size is 27 and the bust size is 37…..i want to know which size of bra is suitable for me and before marraige i wear 32D…but my breast are saggy….i cant find the correct size bra….and please help me to find the good bra shop that having plus size like E F G…(sizes) in saudiarabia….pls do the needful….

  126. Rachel says:

    Hi! Sorry for another question like this, but I need help. I currently wear UK 32F but don’t quite fill out the cups all the way. My underbust is 30″ and my bust, bending over, is 38″. This would make me a 30G. Should I go for a 30FF instead, since I barely fill that sister size, or really go a cup size up?

    • I think that you should try for the 30G. When women wear the wrong size they have some of their breast tissue pushed into their back or into their armpits. When you measure your in the 90 degree position any back fat or armpit fat will be pulled in with the rest of your breast tissue.

  127. Annie says:

    Hi! 🙂

    Im 16, my underbust is 27.25′ & my bust is 33.75′, what size would you recomend? I havre tried 6’s before, & they are kinda tight-ish…

    I measured my bust whilst leaning paralel to the ground.

  128. Annie says:

    I don’t know where I got 6, from I meant 28 as in bra strappy thing size

    • I just thought that you was from New Zealand or Australia. 🙂 Well if you find that the 28 is too tight you can go up to a 30 and down one cup size and see how that fits.What matters is that your comfortable. Please take a look at the fit video.

  129. Annie says:

    Thank you sooo much! 🙂

  130. Kay says:

    My ribcage measurement is 24 inches and my bust is 33 inches. That says I’m a G cup. I wear a 32C now. It’s a little loose in the ribs, but it fits alright in my chest. What size of bra should I wear?

  131. rubi says:

    hai,,,you already reply me to wear a bra 28G…I think my breast size is too big….is that?…..and i am from saudi….uk and us type of brand is here….can you tell me…28g is which type?i am from saudi ….

    • Rubi says:

      Hai mam,28g breast size is big?whichtype of bra can I wear in 28g?this size is in uk /us size?…..

    • Sorry to take so long to get back Ruby. I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia. So I don’t know the names of any stores that might sell these sizes. You could try shopping online, and And you could try calling your local linerie stores and asking them if they sell brands from the UK.

  132. Rubi says:

    Thank u mam

  133. Laura says:

    hey my lower bust in 28 inches and my boobs (higher bust) is 34 inchs what bra size should i wear

  134. shalini says:

    hii mam….my under bust measurment is 32 and over bust is 38…..iam from india….can u please me out with the size and type of bras i could wear,,,,my bust is kind of heavy and a little saggy….

  135. Kat says:

    I’m kind of confused. My band size is 23 Inch and my bust size is 25 Inch. ( I don’t know how to add the numbers on or anything so these are just the measurements off the tape) Right now ‘m wearing a training bra and with a tank top and a tee-shirt over it I look flat. What is my bra size? Should I wear a bra? If not than what should my measurements be when i need a bra?

  136. caitlin says:

    under bust: 30
    bust: 34
    what size would i be?

  137. popsi says:

    my breast size is 36, and also sagging, how can i small it, and improve it from sagging

  138. Ranitha says:

    Hey I am a 5’7 with bra size 30DD/30E , waist size 29. Is that too big ?
    Because when I try to figure out my body type I don’t know whether to call my bust average/small/big

  139. Ranitha says:

    Thank you so much! Ok my bust size is 34, under bust 28, over bust 32.5 , waist 29, hips 37.5, that’s all I guess

  140. Ranitha says:

    Plus my shoulders and hips are pretty much the same width

  141. Ranitha says:

    Im really really sorry but I just got my measurements taken again by a friend and my waist size is 27 not 29…..Sorry again

  142. Samantha says:

    Hi, my bust is 36 and when I measured under it’s 29 1/2. Does this mean I’m a 36F or should I choose 36FF? And um, is that too small or too big or is it normal? Thanks! I’ll wait for the reply 🙂

  143. Anete says:

    hello 🙂 so im 37.4 in under the bust and 46.1 in on the bust and I wear a 38-40C or D and they seem to fit, but am I wearing the wrong size?

  144. Ranitha says:

    Hi, I’m back(I know-eye roll) .I was wondering whether you managed to find my body shape because I’ve been offered a variety of choices by every body shape calculator I’ve used and right now don’t know whether to call myself a hourglass,pear or ruler-so which one am I?
    Thanks in advance

  145. Hannah says:

    Hi, I got measured at m&s a few months back as a 32 AA but my bra keeps riding up at the back even though the straps are long and sometimes fall. It’s really annoying! Was I measured wrongly?

    • It does sound like a 32AA isn’t the right bra size for you.

    • Georgie says:

      If it’s riding up, then the band size is too loose. I had the same problem at M&S today – I’m 34 inch under the bust, they told me I’d be a 38 or a 40. The 38 was the biggest thing I’ve ever tried, hate to see what a 40 would be like on me! I have gone for a 34 which fits nicely. Try a 30A, if that rides up, you might want a 28B or maybe a 28A. M&S fitters go with the old fashioned ‘add 4 inches to underbust measurement’ from the days when they weren’t elasticated, so ignore them really!

  146. sayma amber says:

    i measure 28 below my bust and 32 on the bust.. so shall i wear 28D?

  147. GCP says:

    I measure at a 32G (US) but am more comfortable in a 34DDD, although I’m pregnant and growing and am looking to get a 34G (US). I get measured at Nordstrom but can’t afford to buy there.
    What is the conversion from US to UK sizes?

    • Sorry that I took so long to reply. I strongly suggest that you just buy a measuring tape and measure yourself rather than just guess or convert.

      • GCP says:

        measured myself today, I’m a 31 UB and 39 OB, which I think would put me in a 32G/H (US) or 32F/FF (UK). The lady at Nordstrom today measured my band at a 34, which I greatly prefer, 32s are way too tight.
        I put both a 34G & 34H on hold, both which fit lovely but cost so much money!

        If I do a 34 band in UK sizing, would I still be looking at F/FF or would I be looking at E/F?

        as I think I mentioned, I’m almost 6 months pregnant, so bras with room to grow are much appreciated.

      • I think that you should try the 32. A Tight band is what you need is you want support. It can take some time to break in a new bra and it can feel uncomfortable for a bit. You should start with a 32FF but you might also want to a 32G(UK) You could also try a 30G and a 30GG(UK) as well. you could try Most of their bras are on sale. You could try as well. If you do want to try a a 34 You could try a 34F you might also want to try a 34FF.

  148. M says:

    I am in between a 32A and a 32B, so which size should I buy?

  149. Joie says:


    I had been wearing a 38A on the adivse of a bra fitter for the last 5 years. I measure the same now as I did then, but now am told to wear a 36A or B. My measurements are 34 underbust, 36.5 bust, and 37 inches up on top. I find I can stretch a 36 just as far back as a 38 and the 36 feels too tight, and I get a slight bulge noticeable under the bra band. Its not over the sides or going over the bra at all, the slight bulge is contained within the band. Two different fitters at seperate shops tell me this bra fits.What would your advise be on if the size is correct? Also, are there any sites where you can send in pics of yourself in a bra and ask if it fits?


    • You should try a 34B 34C. It sounds like the band is to large for you. If the band is to large and the cup is to small breast tissue can be pushed into the band. When you did your bust measurement where you in 90 degree position or standing staight up? If you was standing straight up I think that you should remeasure yourself in the 90 degree poistion.

  150. Annie says:

    Hey, I live in India. My bust size is 33.6 and my underbust size is 28.3. I am using 32B size. Am I wearing the right bra of my size? Its been 3 years, my size hasn’t increased. Please help. Thanks

  151. Chardonnay says:

    Hi, I’ve had trouble with bra measuring. I measured my ribcage and it measured 29.5 inches and my bust measured 37 inches. I wear a 34DD now but the cups are a little bit too big and the band size is really big on me. I also tried on a 36C and it was too small. I’ve jumped around sizes for quite awhile. Thanks for the help.

  152. Ari says:

    Hey, My bust size is 28.35 and my underbust size is 33. Iam using 32 D and I live in US. What is the correct size of my bra? Thanks,

  153. sharon says:

    hi im a vegaterian and have a small breast an A cup ive got the smalest breast in the class room

  154. katie says:

    Hello, my underbust is 31 and my bust is 34, what would you recommend?

  155. Dina says:

    my under bust is 30.5 and my bust is 34.5
    what should i try?

  156. Mimi says:

    I have a what size to buy
    my ribcage is 31 inches
    my bust is 37.25 inches
    above my breast 33 inches
    i-m confused it 32DD the nad si a bit tight
    34c is a bit too loose on the band
    and 36a is too small in teh cups
    they measured me as a 34C in a lingerie store.

  157. Mimi says:

    thanks! 32 DDD fits like a dream! but i have to go to multiple fittings since i’m only 13.

  158. carrie says:

    hi my under bust is 31 and my over bust bent over was 37, what size would you recommend? i have been struggling with this my whole life. i live in us

    • You could try a 32DDD(US) 32E(UK) 30F(UK). If you want to try UK sized bras go to and (click on the Union Jack. Measurement is just starting point so please take a look at the fit video on my site.

    • Mimi says:

      you have my asmse size , i use US sized bras and it’s a 32DDD for me.But it also depends on the brand.

  159. Angela says:

    Hey, I’m usually a 32B/32C(UK) but my measurements are :
    Underbust: 28
    What size would I be (UK)?

  160. Halle says:

    Hi, I’ve been wondering what is my TRUE bra size is for an extremely long time. I’ve always rough estimated as a 32c (although many stores doesn’t carry that size so I wear the size sister 34b). 32c seems to fit well, although it’s a crappy bra from Forever 21. I plan on going bra shopping soon, so I need reaasurance on my bra size before hand…My bust measurement is 33 inches; my under-the-bust measurement is 28inches .. What size does that make me? Can you also name some size sisters that would work best as well?

  161. Luanne says:

    my underbust is a 30 and my bust is 38. what is my size? i’m confused

  162. LucyTallulah says:

    My under bust measurement is 26/27/28 inches, and my bust measurement is 32/33/34 inches depending on what time of the month it is. What bra size should I order and should I order a few different sizes? Where from? Thanks.

  163. Jemini says:

    Hi! I am currrently looking for a new bra. I just checked my size using your system. My bust: 36in Underneath:29in. I tripled checked my bust by leaning over. I’ve been wearing a 36D which is WAY too big(it might’ve also misshappen my boobs). So, where I live you can’t go into a stall like in America( Im just here on vacation) and since my mother’s buying for me, it’s a huge deal since I’ve spent A LOT of
    money fussing over them. I really need help. I want to be able to wear a nice fitting bra after all these years. Thank you.

  164. Jemini says:

    Oh and also, would you mind leaving sister sizes? It’d help a lot. Thanks. 😀

  165. daisy says:

    I did my measurements and I think they are really off. I did the lean over method and got under 39 and bust at 57. could this be right I know I’ve always been big but wow! what size would I be. thanks

  166. Tasha says:

    Hi I just went bra shopping yesterday because I felt my old ones (previously 34a) didn’t fit me anymore. I bought some 32b bras because they seemed to fit okay but what size should I try?
    Under bust: 26
    Bust: 29
    But if that’s right then I’m a 26 c? Where can I even find that?

  167. hey my measurements are 50=over bust 54=at bust and 47=under bust,i really am confused as to what size bra i should be wearing,i’ve been wearing a 48dd bra size but end up with spillage! HELP

  168. anon says:

    I currently wear a 34A, but it is really tight on me now. It leaves red marks, the cup feels really tight, and I have slight spillage. My measurements are 28 frame size and 34 bust size. Also, I live in the US.

  169. Ella rudd says:

    Hey I haven’t hand my period yet so my boobs r still small but i wear crop tips but when I wear dress or strap tops u can see my crop to cause on the back it’s to high up what size would i be I’m a 32 inch ribs and a round my boobs a 35 inch i think

  170. sally may says:

    under bust = 28 inches
    bust = 34 inches
    top bust =31 inches
    what bra size should i be in Australia.
    at the moment im only wearing a flat bra that has no support or anything and my breasts are bulging out, should i be wearing a proper bra??
    how can i make my boobs bigger? whats the average side for a 14 year old (45kg 165cm)

    • You should try a 28E(UK)/6E(AUS). Getting a bra that fits will make your breasts a bit more noticeable. There is nothing you can do to make your breasts grow faster. But your breasts can grow until you are in your mid 20’s.

  171. Reann says:

    Hello! If you don’t mind helping me out:
    My Under Bust is = 26.3 inches (67 cm.)
    Bust = 35.2 inches (89.5 cm.)
    and my Top Bust is = 31.692 inches (80.5 cm.)
    I’m nowhere near a lingerie store right now, (I’m currently out of the country, and will not be home for a while.) but I need to order some bras online, (I’m from the US, so US sizing would be preferable.)
    Thank you so much in advance. ❤
    P.S. I took all of these with a bra on.

  172. lesslie says:

    Umm Can u please help me out here
    My nder Bust is 32inch
    Bust is 37inch
    and well im realy confused for my UK size
    I have my Aus size as 14B
    Please Help me out for a UK size..!

  173. So if I have a 31″ underbust and a 39″ bust what size should I order? I don’t live near any place that has the right sizes so any I’d have to order from some place like bare necessities.

  174. Hally says:

    I’ve always thought of myself as small-breasted and I normally wear a 32B in Victoria’s Secret (the band is always too loose though). However i measured 25 below and 30 around. Does that make me a 26DD does that even exist??

  175. Amber says:

    Hello I am a plus size woman fully curved…lol I measured at 48 under and 56 bust. Plz help on size I am confused. I live in US. Also is this a size a “normal” store would have or do I need specialty?

    • Going by you measurements I think you should try a 48FF or 46G in UK sizing. Some specialty bra stores will have the these sizes. Norstroms carries a brand call Elomi which makes bras for plus sized women. Just give your local Norstroms call and ask if they have it in stock.

  176. Emily says:

    I’ve been looking all over the internet tonight and I’m really confused. I’ve measured myself and it’s 27 for under the bust and 32 around the bust.. which would be a 26DD according to another site. Then I went on a different site and used their calculator and it told me 30A. Not sure which one’s right, but I haven’t been able to find anywhere that sells either of those sizes for a reasonable price. Maybe I should just stick with my ill fitting bras until I have some money..

  177. Angelica says:

    Could you help me out?
    I have underbust 27” and bust 32.5”
    What is my size?(USA)

  178. Sally May says:

    Hey, my lower but is 30 and my bust is 35.5, what bra size am i? at the moment all im wearing is a training bra thing, should i ask my mum to get a cupped bra? thanks. P.S i live in Australia

  179. Kat S. says:

    Wow, so many responses! This is a great post though, I am just now learning about this “Under the Bust = Band size” idea.
    Ribcage: 25.5 in
    Bust: 29 in

  180. Nicola says:


    I was wondering if you could help me determine my bra size.
    My snug under bust measurement is 29 inches but I would prefer to round down to 28 for a tighter band.
    My bust measurement standing is 39.5 inches and while bent over is 41 inches.

    I live in Australia and currently wear a 14C, but would prefer if you could tell me my UK size as I plan to buy most of my bras from there.

    Thank you =)

  181. Mari says:

    Hello! I am having slight confusion as to my bra size.

    Underbust: 28″
    Bust: 31.5″

    I live in the US. Thank you so much for all your help!

  182. Anon says:

    Everytime I’m measured I’m told something different. I’ve been told A-C and 30-34. most recently I was told 32B but I’m just frustrated with bras at this point. So my underbust was like a 28-28.5 and my bust was a 33. So what do you think?

  183. sandra says:

    Ok so I did the measuring and got 28 in for underbust and 32 in for bust, which means I’m a 28D. But my breasts are fairly small, is this the right measurement??

  184. Sam says:

    I measure a 29 inches bust and 25 inches uderbust… which size should I try? I am small, 5 feet 2 inches tall.. and measure 22 inches at my natural waist, 34 inches at hips. Could you please reccommend sites from which I could order my size (with International shipping – I am living in Maldives)?
    Would there be corsets available in my size? 🙂

  185. Ashley says:

    Try department stores, it’s a little more expensive, but they have a better selection than Walmart. you may even have to find a specialty shop. has some great prices, even after currency conversion. They even have a size conversion chart if you’re outside of the UK.

    • Sam says:

      Thanks All, you guys are total sweethearts ❤ 🙂 I am 23 and I'v been struggling in 32A's… (which I've been wearing since 9th grade when I first got a bra..) and wondered why the bra rides up when I lift my arms… even when I adjust the hell outta my straps. Also noticed that I do not fill the cups entirely.. and the underwire just doesn't fit right.. leaving some fat out from the sides, and near the 'U' bend of my boobs. Just recently found out that its tha band thats supposed to support your girls.. not the straps. I shall try 28B and see how that works out for me, 'cause 26 bands are even rarer ^_^.
      Getting married this December.. and I wanna be confident in my lingerie on my wedding night 😉 (and afterwards) will let you guys know after I purchase.

      • If you wanted to you could also try tailoring the band on a your 32A smaller. a 32A is the same cup volume as a 30B 28C and 26D, but with a shallower and wider cup. Stretch your bra as far as you can. Measure your bra from end to end. Minus that measurement by your under the bust measurement rounded to nearest inch. Bra band measurement-under the bust measurement divided by 2. This will give you the amount of inches you should remove from each wing.

        ex; 32-27=5 inches divided by 2= 2.5 inches. Mark out 2.5 inches on each wing while stretched out. then pin the two marking together. then try the bra on backwards. When you put on your bra pull your breast into the cup, by smoothing the tissue in from the sides. Do this with your body at a 90 degree angle. Pull the straps up so the are not loose but not tight. You should be able to fit 2 fingers under the straps comfortably. If you have issues with your straps pin them so they are the right size.

        If you want better cleavage and your cups should be closer together in the front. If the center gore is large you might want to try pinching the center gore pinning that as well. You might also have to re pin the band to make it a bit larger. This will give you an approximation of how your bra should fit. But because the cups are shallow and wide you will not look the same as you would with a smaller band size and larger cup size.

  186. iIlen says:

    hello i been wearing 34 A but its seems too little i try wearing a 34 B but its kinda big for me.I measure underbust 29 and 32 in bust.

  187. eve says:

    my under bust is 30.5 inches and my over bust is 33.5 inches. What size should i be wearing? i have a really difficult size :\

  188. linny says:

    My underbust is 25.5 and my bust is 32.5, I’ve been wearing a 30c and victoria’s secret told me a 32c…what size am I really?

  189. Breana says:

    So for the past few years I have been buying 34C (US) bras but I recently watched a youtube video on the “correct way” to find your bra size and it changed to a 34D, some of my bras I exchanged for 34D and they fit perfectly but some of the 34C still fit perfectly too my measurements are under bust: 34 bust: 38, any help? Thanks so much!

  190. Amy says:

    hiya i was wondering what bra size i should be wearing, my bust is 33/33.5 and my under bust is 30 and i’m finding it difficult to figure it out

    • You should try a 30D or 30DD. Because your bust and under the bust measurement is close and you are so petite, I think it might be best to stick with a 30 band. If you have a more boney rib cage you could try a 32C or 32D.

  191. Amy says:

    So I’ve been wear a 38C for a few years. I’ve measured myself and got underbust 40 and bust 44 so would I be a 44D

    • Going by your measurements you should try a 40D. If you have a plush rib cage you could try a 38DD and even a 36DDD(US)/36E(UK). The band is what gives you support, so a tight band that is stable and close to ribs will give you the best support. But you don’t want to your band to be too tight as well, there is no reason for you to be uncomfortable. Please watch the fit video to help find you a bra that fits well.

  192. Mary says:

    Hi! I really i don’t know what size I am, recently I felt incommoded with my bra, actually I use 36B but I took myself the measurement as Victorias Secret said in the site and i was 38c, I took myself the traditional measurement the band size is 36.5 and my bust 40.5 but i took this with a hard measuring tape cause I don’t have the other its affect? my bra size is 40D? I really dont believe that because I have a wide back, and my breast looks littler, so what do you recommend me? I’m confused! US sizes please!.

    • Going by your measurements you should try a 36D. This just starting point. You might also want to try a 36DD, 34DD, and 38C. You want to have a band that is really tight to the skin, but you don’t want it to be too tight. If you can pull the band more than an inch away from the body you should go down in the band and up in the cup. You should be able to run two fingers along the band of your bra. Please check out the fit video as well.

  193. Mary says:

    Thanks! so much! where is that video?

  194. hatetheconfusionofbrasizing says:

    I am having the worst luck finding a bra that fits, HELP! I measure 29 underbust and 38 around the bust what size should I be wearing?

  195. lisa mace says:

    im 32 bust and 28 band. what am i

  196. halalala! says:

    Well, I was one of those girls who were early bloomers, their mother or grandmother tossed them a bra and they stuck with it, adding two inches when it was too tight , which I know is wrong now.
    And my smaller busted friend couldn’t help but notice, being the honest person she is, could see the push up bra effect in a regular barely lined bra, and talk to me about it.
    Now, I’m spilling over in my 38 C cup bras when my underbust is 32 and my full bust is 42.
    This is a pretty big jump from 38 C to 32FF cup, jeez!
    Ladies, please measure now! It’s ridiculous in the way you look and carry yourself.
    Thank you!

  197. Gabby says:

    So I’m somewhat confused, when I went to get measured they told me a 30C cup, but the cup felt and looked a little small. My rib measurement is a 28 and my bust a 32, but when I bought bras recently at a different store they had me try on a 30DDD, it’s not as big as I thought it would be so I’m extremely confused on this >_>

  198. I’m so lost, confused & becoming increasingly frustrated… Can you please help me? I measured my band at 33inches & my bust at 40-41 (depending if I bend over & measure or not). Please tell me what size I am? Also I was reading your replies to others & I want a bra like you said that enhances my breasts, not one that makes me look flat. Thank you in advance for your time & help!

  199. Caity says:

    Wow, this comment section is impressively long..
    I’ve tried following a few different online guides for measuring but the results still baffle me.
    Under bust is 30.7″, over bust 34.6″, which would make me believe that I’m a 30D or 32C.. however a 32 band size on the loosest adjustment is still noticably tight and leaves red marks across my ribs. The most comfortable bra I’ve found so far is a 34A soft cup (nothing with underwire has ever been comfortable..) and I can still slip a finger under the inside of the cup very easily which seems like it would be too large a cup size.

    It just seems strange to be told I’m a 30D when I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even be able to close the clip


  200. Olivia says:

    Your post helped me a lot, thank you so much. But I really am concerned about my measurements and size because I’m not sure it adds up.
    I’m pretty small chested btw.
    Underbust: 26″
    Bust: Goes from 31-32
    Right now I wear 32A (US) because it’s really the only thing I can find and the band is clearly much too large but the cups seem to be decent. I’m not sure though… And according to this way of measuring I’d be around a 28D-DD (US or UK??) That sister sizes to about 32B-C is you compare it to my current size and I really do not think I could go up 1-2 cup sizes. With a smaller band would the bigger cups work better or something? Or do my measurements not work with this? What size should I be based on this?
    I would really appreciate your help!! thank you in advance 🙂

    • The shape of cup change the smaller the band gets, when you sister size. The cups get deeper and the wires get narrower. Bra sizing is not an exact science and measurement is just a starting point. If I ere you I would buy a 28D and 28DD in the same brand and style and try them on.

  201. Charlotte says:

    My underbust measurement is 32
    and my bust measurement is 36
    Any idea?

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