I hate my body. I’m short, frumpy, I have enough tummy for 2 thin women. I could live with my large tummy if i have a butt measurement that was similar to my breast measurement. I have realized that I’m an apple shape or reverse triangle. either way I’m about 60 lbs over weight and that is me. It’s not gonna change anytime soon even if i started working out like a crazy person. Even though I might be large I’m sure I’m not the only woman with body issues. So what can we all do to feel better about ourselves.

Recently I have begun dealing with my own body confidence issues. Instead of going on a diet and exercising until I drop I have decided that I’m gonna try to learn to love my body the way that it is. I have found the best therapy is to watch How to Look good Naked UK hosted by Gok Wan and Super sized vs. Super Skinny. Gok Wan takes real life women and turns them from dumpy to yummy. He also shows how the women at home can get the same look, and fit the tends on their own with out his help. One season how to look good naked tackled how well do most beauty products really work on women. Turns out Bust Firming cream is useless, and the best anti-stretch mark cream is palmers coco butter.  So I guess I don’t need surgery or a diet I just need some magic underwear and some new clothes.

Super Sized Verse Super Skinny takes two people with drastic eating eating habbits and swaps their diets for a 5 days. The thin person that has starved themselves for so long and is so used the feeling of hunger now has to get used to feeling of fullness. The over weight person that no longer knows what it’s like to feel full, and most likely has never known true hunger has to feel what it’s like to be hungry for the first time.  The first few series would show just how many days the super sized would over eat and the super skinnies would under eat. And the Doctor that hosts the show would show each contestant just how bad their diets were and what could happen to them if they were left untreated. At the end of the week each person would be given a 3 month healthy eating plan and the super size and super skinny would be back to weight in. I have found that for most people skinny or large caffeinated sugery drinks are the worst thing to have in your diet, and super thin people don’t always eat well some of them eat takeout and fast food the only difference is the potions and the fact that they walk more because of necessity mostly.

I have been watching a few other British shows like The Sex Education show, The Ugly face of Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. All are wonderful shows that you should check out if you can.

Seeing what real women look like of all shapes and sizes make it easier to learn about my body and how it should be. I feel normal and a bit more like trying to look my best and get rid of some of the bad habits that I have.


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  1. Ms. Pris says:

    I must ask, have you seen an endocrinologist? I ask because one of my hypothyroid disease symptoms was that I gained a lot of weight in my abdomen. This is a classic symptom of endocrine problems; adrenal problems also cause abdominal weight gain.

    If you are getting your endocrine systems tested it is important than an endocrinologist test them, because internists/GPs are typically not familiar with the latest test values and research.

    Fatness is really not a matter of calories in, calories out for everyone. Remember that on that show, they choose people SPECIFICALLY because the show’s methods will be effective for them. That is to say, they don’t choose fat people who don’t overeat, or thin people who eat a ton of junk food all day but remain thin.

    I hope you can at least make peace with your body and stop hating it. Remember, your body does a lot of great things for you, and she is YOU.

    • No I have never seen an Endocrinologist. I have had test for hypothyroid disease before and they all came back negative. On Super fat versus Super Skinny I have seen a few thin people that were addicted to junk food but didn’t eat much because they were too busy. And they did have a few people that ate healthy food but in large quantities. But you are right there are other factors like genes, and health issue that can make some people overweight.

  2. I applaud your honesty here and I also feel frustrated that the Media and society are so far away from showing health at any size. An interesting read for you might be Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth, where she questions many of society’s ideals and where these come from. I think understanding this may help you to accept yourself more, but I am sure you have many wonderful qualities that you don’t write about here, so learn to love these, so you can feel good inside and out.


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