I had a conversation about a month ago online with a friend. He asked me “What cup sizes do you think of as Large” Personally I think that a A-D cup is small, a DD-G is medium and a GG-L is large. But of course that is just my option. I’m a 36K or at least I think I am. I feel like i have gained some weight so I don’t know.  My friend said “No way, A-B is small and C-DD is medium and E-H is large and HH-K is extra large”.

I had to think what is large then. It seems more and more women are learning their bra size only to feel like they are weird. Some women that are 32A have found they are a 28C. Other women that are a “normal” 36D have found they are an “abnormal” 32E. I think that if there was an accurate, poll of women, to see what their bra size is I think the E or F cup would be the average. But I have no way to prove that.

On the other hand most people assume that if you have Large breast it must, because more and more people must be obese and there for it is effect women’s breast size.  But if your have a 20-30 inch waist how fat can you be. I’ll be honest I’m overweight but I found there are more pretty thin women with D cup and larger bust on a smaller frame. Brittney from  is a 26HH, is anything but overweight. Sophia Jenner, is a 30GG and she is also very thin and very curvy. And they are not alone.

When most people think about large cups, they think about this video. Instead of this video. I love the Curvy Kate brand, unlike many large cup brand, CK is very colorful and sexy. They show that you don’t have to be a B cup to be cute, feminine. I also love that they show that bright colors doesn’t make a large chested girl stand out as much as one would think.

I also love The Little Bra Company that makes bras for smaller cup girls on smaller band sizes. There are to many women that feel bad about themselves because they are an A or AA cup and their bra doesn’t do what it should. They want more cleavage and to accentuate their lovely curves as well. This young woman shows the big difference a well fitting bra can do for a smaller framed woman.

So what is Large or Small to you and is Large or Small a bad thing?


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  1. boosauraus says:

    Good points! I have come across so many people that think that “large breasts” must mean that you are overweight. As you pointed out, that’s simply not true! Like Brittney and Sophia, I wear a small band/larger cup size (28GG) and am not at all overweight (in fact, I sometimes tend to be underweight).
    I also think the picture that you have in the post is kind of funny; it seems to say that a 90cm bust (about 35inches) is quite large, when in fact that seems in the more average range to me.

  2. mary murphy says:

    I have always had larger boobs. In high school I weighed 110lbs and still was teased because I was heavy due to my 36c boobs. Why do people always associate larger boobs with a sex kitten. Can’t we just live our lives just like the girls with small boobs. I have always been embarassed by my boobs and to this day I weat minimizer bras to help them look smaller. This really messes with a girls self esteem. .

    • Mary I think it’s better for you to just be yourself. From my experience wearing a minimizer will not make your beast look smaller. They just look flatter and longer, like granny breast. Wearing a bra that fits well will make your breast appear smaller and in proportion with your body.

      When it comes to boys thinking that girls with large breast are sluts I don’t know that is true either. I think guys are just hoping they can have sex and will ask as many girls as they can. Guys assume that girls are sluts until proven other wise.

  3. Finding the little bra company was great for me. As someone with a very small cup size it depresses me that many labels do not even cater for an A cup, and those that do often create designs that really are not that flattering!


    • It would seem bra companies can’t do anything right. They can’t make bras for smaller girls, shorter girls, or large breasted girls. They assume that all girls will fit A-DD. Even the models in most cases don’t fit the bras. I recently heard of another bra for smaller breasted girls called Lula Lu

  4. AMB says:

    I think so so many people wear the wrong bra, and that’s why people think of D as large: Because a lot of E, F and G girls squeze into those, and just keep making the band bigger: A lot of people don’t even understand the relationship between band and cup.
    Your idea of small/medium/large almost line up with the bra-guide from Change (http://shop.change.com/bh-guide/): They have small=A-D, medium DD-F, and large G-J (and that’s where they end, unfortunately! They’ve what has come closest to my 34K, so I just wear their 36J)

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