A few weeks ago, I was watching my favorite show Mad Men. I was really enjoying the show until I saw, Megan played by Jessica Pare wearing an ill fitting Bikini top. The back was nearly up to her shoulders. All I could think was how did this get past the costume designer. How could Pare not have known that her bikini top didn’t fit. Generally Mad Men tries to keep it’s actors looking good and authenic.

Most of the time when I see a woman wearing the wrong bra size, it’s in real life. I often think, that girl is too pretty to be wearing a bra that doesn’t fit. And in some cases how painful her boobs must be. I don’t know how to approach people to ask for the time, let alone tell another woman, that her bra doesn’t fit well. 

For example, I saw a very pretty get that kind of looked like me when I was her age. She was with a group of her good friends, and they all seem quite happy to out of school and on their way home. She was wearing a top that was a bit too tight and a bra that barely contained her. I wonder if her mother knew she left the house looking as she did. She seems like she was wearing 2 tank tops to get a bit of a layered effect. Her poor boobs looked completely mangled in that bra. I really wanted to say, “little girl, you’re too pretty to wear what you’re wearing”. But she was young I would have embarrassed her even if she wasn’t with her friends.

Does anyone have any good ideas to help the random people that we see wearing ill fitting bras? I wish I had someone tell me when I was her age, that there were more sizes out there than DDD. 


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  1. Brood says:

    I struggle with the same thing, since getting into the bra game it is all I look out for now and I see so many women in bad fitting bras and I just want to approach them and give them a card or some advice but they take offense to it, so if you find a nice way to approach women I’d love to hear it 🙂

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