There are all types of women in the world some fat, some skinny-mini, some tall, some short some small busted and some large. Everyone is different and that is what is so great about the world. One thing I love is answering breast, bra, sexual health and puberty questions on Yahoo Answers. One question I see often is how can I get my breast to grow? I often see women and girls say that they are too small for a bra and some of them thinking of themselves as less womanly.

All women are different and no woman can choose her breast size, naturally. But I have found that from answering so many questions and looking at so many sets of measurements that  all of these young women were wearing band sizes that were too large. In one instance there was a girl who thought she was a 36AA, but after putting up her measurements I could see she was really a 30D. 30D may not be a large size, it’s a bra size and there are several brands that make this currently uncommon size.

I have heard some small busted women say they don’t need the support of wearing a bra that fits well. But wearing a bra that is too small in the cup and too large in the back will give a woman with small breast back fat and armpit fat. It guess that it would be better to not wear a bra than an ill-fitting bra. But when working out and shopping, smaller breasted women should wear a sports bra that gives support. Even smaller busted ladies will have saggy breasts, from their ligaments wearing out due to pregnancy and high intensity exercise.

I hope that no matter the size that you might think you are, you will measure yourself for a bra and give that size a try.


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  1. A 30D and a 30DD are both big sizes. Really a 30DD is supposed to be a “sister size” to a 32D and a 34C, but the cup is bigger than both- the 30DD is going to fit a 34D/ 36C cup more so.
    So yes a 30 D and a 30DD is big, and really big for a 30 band.
    That said a 30DD UK is a 30D in the U.S. , but a 30DD American is a true 30DD.

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