Body Talk.

I hate my body. I’m short, frumpy, I have enough tummy for 2 thin women. I could live with my large tummy if i have a butt measurement that was similar to my breast measurement. I have realized that I’m an apple shape or reverse triangle. either way I’m about 60 lbs over weight and that is me. It’s not gonna change anytime soon even if i started working out like a crazy person. Even though I might be large I’m sure I’m not the only woman with body issues. So what can we all do to feel better about ourselves.

Recently I have begun dealing with my own body confidence issues. Instead of going on a diet and exercising until I drop I have decided that I’m gonna try to learn to love my body the way that it is. I have found the best therapy is to watch How to Look good Naked UK hosted by Gok Wan and Super sized vs. Super Skinny. Gok Wan takes real life women and turns them from dumpy to yummy. He also shows how the women at home can get the same look, and fit the tends on their own with out his help. One season how to look good naked tackled how well do most beauty products really work on women. Turns out Bust Firming cream is useless, and the best anti-stretch mark cream is palmers coco butter.  So I guess I don’t need surgery or a diet I just need some magic underwear and some new clothes.

Super Sized Verse Super Skinny takes two people with drastic eating eating habbits and swaps their diets for a 5 days. The thin person that has starved themselves for so long and is so used the feeling of hunger now has to get used to feeling of fullness. The over weight person that no longer knows what it’s like to feel full, and most likely has never known true hunger has to feel what it’s like to be hungry for the first time.  The first few series would show just how many days the super sized would over eat and the super skinnies would under eat. And the Doctor that hosts the show would show each contestant just how bad their diets were and what could happen to them if they were left untreated. At the end of the week each person would be given a 3 month healthy eating plan and the super size and super skinny would be back to weight in. I have found that for most people skinny or large caffeinated sugery drinks are the worst thing to have in your diet, and super thin people don’t always eat well some of them eat takeout and fast food the only difference is the potions and the fact that they walk more because of necessity mostly.

I have been watching a few other British shows like The Sex Education show, The Ugly face of Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. All are wonderful shows that you should check out if you can.

Seeing what real women look like of all shapes and sizes make it easier to learn about my body and how it should be. I feel normal and a bit more like trying to look my best and get rid of some of the bad habits that I have.


How Large is Large?

I had a conversation about a month ago online with a friend. He asked me “What cup sizes do you think of as Large” Personally I think that a A-D cup is small, a DD-G is medium and a GG-L is large. But of course that is just my option. I’m a 36K or at least I think I am. I feel like i have gained some weight so I don’t know.  My friend said “No way, A-B is small and C-DD is medium and E-H is large and HH-K is extra large”.

I had to think what is large then. It seems more and more women are learning their bra size only to feel like they are weird. Some women that are 32A have found they are a 28C. Other women that are a “normal” 36D have found they are an “abnormal” 32E. I think that if there was an accurate, poll of women, to see what their bra size is I think the E or F cup would be the average. But I have no way to prove that.

On the other hand most people assume that if you have Large breast it must, because more and more people must be obese and there for it is effect women’s breast size.  But if your have a 20-30 inch waist how fat can you be. I’ll be honest I’m overweight but I found there are more pretty thin women with D cup and larger bust on a smaller frame. Brittney from  is a 26HH, is anything but overweight. Sophia Jenner, is a 30GG and she is also very thin and very curvy. And they are not alone.

When most people think about large cups, they think about this video. Instead of this video. I love the Curvy Kate brand, unlike many large cup brand, CK is very colorful and sexy. They show that you don’t have to be a B cup to be cute, feminine. I also love that they show that bright colors doesn’t make a large chested girl stand out as much as one would think.

I also love The Little Bra Company that makes bras for smaller cup girls on smaller band sizes. There are to many women that feel bad about themselves because they are an A or AA cup and their bra doesn’t do what it should. They want more cleavage and to accentuate their lovely curves as well. This young woman shows the big difference a well fitting bra can do for a smaller framed woman.

So what is Large or Small to you and is Large or Small a bad thing?

How to Make Sure that your New Bra Fits Well.

There are so many Lingerie brands out there. Now that you know your size, You can do a few basic searches. You will find new brands that you didn’t know existed. It’s almost like being a kid in a candy store. Please try on your bras in a store if you can.

Normally if you were in a store could try the on the bras and see how the fit. But when you buy online you can’t do that. If you decided to pick one bra or two or three that are different colors, styles, and  brands. You might be disappointed when your bra is delivered to your house. Then you open the box and you put your fabulous new bra it might not fit like you think that it should. You will think to yourself I measured, and I put on the new bra exactly as you said. This bra should fit.

I don’t want any of you wonderful readers to think that the reason why your bra does not fit is your fault. There is nothing wrong with your breasts. The truth is every lingerie brand does things differently, when designing their bras. Even in the same brand different styles will fit you differently. So the best way to find out what bra fits you best if to pick one style one brand and several sizes that are close to your bra size measurement. If you want you can pick different colors in each bra for each of the bras that is fine.

Time to get fitted:

Make sure you read my post on putting on your bra correctly.

The Hook and Eye: The Hook and eye it the faster that keeps you bra together. Always put it on the last hook if it’s new. As the bra get worn in, place the hooks on the next row of eyes.

The Band: It should feel tight, but you should be able to run two fingers along the band of the bra. If the band is too tight you go up to the next size and down in the cup. You shouldn’t be able to pull your bra to far from the body. If can then the band is too big please go down a band size and up in the cup.

The Band should be parallel to the cups. The back of the band should straight across the back. If the band is riding up then it’s too big and you have tightened the straps to much. You should down in the band size and up in the cups size.

The Straps: You should be able to run two fingers along your strap. Just like if you were trying on jeans move around a bit. If your Straps fall down then tighten them up. If they are already at the maximum tightness the strap allows, then you can’t consider this a good fit.  Compare the lose straps to this to band and it’s riding up in the back the band is too big. Like the band you shouldn’t be able to pull the straps far form the body. Your straps should not tightened all the way up when you first buy it. You should be able to to tighten it more as you wear it.

The Bridge: The bridge is the middle bra of the bra and sits in between the cups. If should sit flat against your breast bone. Your breast tissue should not be under the underwire that is suppose to separate your breast. If the bridge is lifting up an and bridge is sitting on top of the breast then you will want to go up a cup size.

Like the band and the straps, you should not be able to pull the bridge to far away from the breast bone. If you can pull it to far away then and then band size is too big and you should go down a band size, you might want to try two bras one with the same cup size and one with a larger cup.

The Cup: The cup should encase the breast. If the top of the cup has more material then your bra needs and looks loose the cup is too big. Pretty simple if the cup looks to big then it is too big. But make sure you put the bra on properly and get all your breast fat into the cup, by lifting, smoothing the sides, and jiggling into the cup.

The best way to make sure your cup is not to small is put on a t-shirt. If you see a bulge on the front or on the side your cup is to small. If the cup is too big then stay with that band size and try the next cup down.  If you cup size is to small then get a bigger cup with the same band size and one with a bigger cup size and a band smaller.

The Underwire: The under wire should fit completely around breast. For lager cup sizes your underwire might fit under you armpit. That is fine. But if your underwire does not fit under the breast from the bridge, the bra you are wearing is not right doesn’t fit. You might want to try another size. If you have tried all that sizes that are close to your measurements then you might want to try another brand.

I bet you never thought there would be so much variation on getting a proper fit. If you go to a Proper Bra Fitter they will do all that work for you. But not all Bra Fitters know what they are doing. At the end of the day they are just sale people trying to sell you something. This is why it you should know what to look out for to see if your bra fits well. Always ask what the return policy is before they get you in the booth.

Now remember that a bra is supposed to worn under you clothes. I forget that sometimes myself. So when you have found a bra that your are sure fits well, put on a t-shirt and see how your silhouette looks. Turn to the side.  The apex of your breast should sit mid way between the shoulder and you elbow. As bra will wear over time check yourself in the mirror to make make sure that your silhouette remands the same. If it changes then adjust the straps and hook and eyes accordingly. If your strap is at it tightest and your hooks are on the inner most row of eyes then it’s time to get a new bra.

Have fun getting your new bra and Good Luck!!

How to Put on your Bra the Right Way.

Putting on your bra might seem so simple. You just connect the hook to the eyes then put the straps on over your shoulder and bingo bango it’s on. Almost like putting on any other type of clothing on. Well your bra is on, but there is a bit more to it than that.

Some people prefer to hook their bra from behind. Some women prefer to hook it together in front, then turn it around  so the cups are in front.  Either way is good as long as you use the last hook and eye when you first buy your bra.  If this is the first time trying on a bra in the style, size, and or brand, then you might want to hook your bra in front, so you know for sure that your on the right hook and eye.

Now your going to lean forward at a 45 degree angle with the straps still down. You want to make sure that the underwire makes contact with crease along the breast. You might have to try moving underwire up a bit with your other hand. If you have “arm pit fat” or “back fat” you will want to reach up and smooth that fat in to your cups. That is part of your breast too.  Now to make sure your breast are sitting in the proper position inside the cup, put each hand on the part of your bra where the band meets the underwire on the outside of your breasts.

Let’s make a few adjustments. If you feel that you want you straps to be tighter then you can tighten them now. You want want to be able to run two fingers along your bra straps. The two finger method means gives you a comfortable strap fit. Keep in mind that you should adjust your straps every time you put on your bra.

You want to hold  the side of your bra in place  still in the 45 to 90 degree angle and jiggle your breast a few time. You don’t have to jiggle like you need your college tuition paid,  just a few times until you feel like your breast are sitting in the cup well.

You can now stand up straight. If you feel that you need to readjust the straps and make them a bit tighter then do so. Make sure to check the straps again using the two finger method.

Your bra is on properly. Please check the fit in the mirror everyday. Even if you know that your bra fits well, the fit will change over time as bra get stretched out. A good bra that you take care of can last you about 2 to 3 years. So as it stretches you can tighten the straps and go in on the hook and eye.

Good Luck

How to Find your Bra Size

Get the measuring tape out and measure yourself. it’s best to measure without a bra on if you can do it. Women with lager Cup Sizes may have some sagging due to the weight of the breast. This completely normal and natural. I have found for me it’s best to measure my under the bust and bust without a bra. You might choose to do the bust measurement with your bra on. If so, fasten it  the last hook and eye.  Since the measurement is just a starting point, I leave will it up to you to decide what you prefer. Please Measure yourself in inches.

You going to do two measurements. Please do this standing up.

  1. Under the bust– Measure around your rib cage right up to the crease under the breast. You want to make sure that the tapes doesn’t ride up at all and stays parallel to ground. Breath out. You want to pull it pretty tight but still be comfortable. You don’t want to leave marks or indents in the skin.
  2. The Bust– If you want you can put your bra on.  If you have “saggy” breast please lean forward, so that your upper body is in parallel with the ground. Now the fullest part of your breast is the part that hangs down the most(I know it sounds bad but once you get a proper fitting bra, your breast will be uplifted, and you will be happy with how your girls look). Take the measuring tape around your breast at the fullest part and measure. that will be your Bust measurement.

If your breast are not “saggy” you  don’t have to lean forward.

Some people have half-inch or quarter-inch measurements. Example: 34.5 or 23.25 I prefer to use them rather than not use them. So don’t round down or round-up if you do get them until after the math part is out-of-the-way.

Ready for the easy part. the Bust –the Under the Bust = Cup Size in inches.

Under the Bust Band size

If your Under the Bust measurement is even. If it is odd then you can choose to go up to the next even number for you Band Size and keep the same Cup Size or go down to the next even number and add one cup size. The bra is made of out stretchy material, so it will stretch to fit you. If you find that the bra that you are wearing it to tight you can go up a down a cup and up in the band.

Cup size in inches(UK). A=1in B=2in C=3in D=4in DD=5in E=6in F=7in FF=8in G=9in GG=10in H=11in HH=12in J=13in JJ=14in K=15in KK=16in L=17in LL=18in

Ok so now you have your bra size, Time to do a dance!! Oh wait. It’s just a starting point. Sorry stop you mid dance, but you might have to try several in each bra style and manufacturer. Even styles made by the same brand will fit differently. So you will want to try out your bra by 3 or 4.  I.e i’m a 36KK but I wear a 36K. When i try on bras I want to get a 38JJ 36K 36KK 38K 34KK. Most online shops except returns. But this method might take you a long time to find the bra of your dreams.

Feel free to send me an email if you want me to find out what your size is?